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Where to tie Love Knot? City Wedding Or Countryside Wedding

By November 22, 2016 No Comments

The London is a perfect picturesque place, with stunning wedding venues and pleasant climate all the year round. The city has marvellous castles, buildings and charming cafes, lounges and churches. Whether it’s a countryside or the city of the London, both have fun-filled and beautiful places to roam. One side shows the old London, and the other hand shows all-new modern London with huge buildings and shopping malls. And, if you want to throw a ceremony in London, then you have to refine your tastes early whether to go for countryside or city wedding. After all, wedding happens once so clearly, visualise how you are going to unfold your big day?


Well, budget plays a vital role in a wedding. Even the wedding venue also relies on the budget. However, wedding is the memorable, timeless essence of your life and cutting corners simply is not just an option.

Some said the wedding is what you want to make it, loads of fun, happiness and a handmade theme is getting more famous. From the hanging flower balls to the beautifully crafted handmade invitations, there are many ways to make the cutbacks without sacrificing the image that you want to show in your wedding.

Countryside Weddings

The Countryside of the London is unparalleled, loaded with amazing scenery that the rest of the world displays a hunger for.  Suburban areas give classy and elegant views to your wedding day environment.

The Marquee and festival style wedding of the countryside is unique and fashionable, and you would love to involve them in your countryside wedding.

City Weddings

The city wedding is gorgeous and much renowned. You will find everything perfectly arranged and dressed from the beautiful vase pairing to the incredible wedding venues. If you are a city high-flyer, then you will love the environment. You will find comfort and from the nearby shops and bustling streets you can purchase all those expensive things which can reflect your image in a wedding.

Whether you are choosing the countryside wedding or the city wedding, all you want a luxury fleet that avoids holdups and takes you to the destination as fast as possible. You need a glamorous prestigious wedding cars like Bentley, Porsche and Rolls Royce that reflects the stature of the day. Our uniformed and well-professionals driver will drop you at the destinations safely and makes your ride comfortable and memorable.

Whatever, you opt a countryside wedding or a city wedding,  just keep in mind that it`s the essential part of the life that you are travelling. And, there are millions of amazing ways to spend it in style and luxury!