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How To Save Hundreds on the Wedding Transport

By October 18, 2016 No Comments

Do you want to hire a Rolls Royce Ghost or Phantom for the wedding but not have enough money? If you are looking to cut the cost and even want to arrive in style, no problem. We have shared five ways to save money on your wedding transport.

Beg, Borrow, Steal (Wait! Don’t Steal)!

We all have that one true friend or relative who loves to show off their expensive things. It could be the ideal time to ask a favour, for asking them to lend their fancy expensive car for your marriage. Tell them that it can be the best wedding present which they can give you.

Hire a Wedding Bus!

Don’t get angry! We are not telling you to book a local bus in town. We are offering you new ways to save money in style rather than spending whole money on two or three expensive wedding cars.

Suppose your bridal party venue is nearby the marriage venue, then most of the guest can attend the ceremony by bus.  As per tradition, the bride comes at the end, so you would be thinking this would result in the hike of prices. But, no bus can make several trips which means the driver can go back to pick up the bride at low cost. Or if you want to save more, then don’t consider the tradition and travel together. After the ceremony, everyone can hop back on the bus to return to the reception venue. If you want to make minibus attractive and impressive, then decorate it with ribbons and flowers.

Go for a Taxi!How To Save Hundreds on the Wedding Transport

Booking a regular minicab or taxi will save your hundreds of money because you don’t have to pay for the decoration of car. Search a local minicab or taxi company which offers stylish new cars or something which makes your wedding day special. Ask them, if you can personally decorate the cab with you own wedding ribbons, streams for the journey.

The traditional wedding walk

If your ceremony and reception venue are close enough to live, then you travel by walk. Ask your guests to walk along with you at the bridal party. It could be an amazing wedding photo. Also, don’t forget to invest in some classic ivory and stylish umbrellas.

The best alternative for the wedding cars!

Think beyond your imagination. Instead of hiring glamorous Rolls-Royce or Bentley for the marriage day, try something unconventional in which you could save hundreds of money. For a countryside wedding, arrive by a Tractor! Work as a Fireman? Come by Fire Engine! The options are unlimited, just use your imagination.

Whatever, wheels you prefer to ride on your wedding day, just keep in mind that it`s the essential part of the life that you are travelling. And, there are millions of amazing ways to spend it in style and luxury!