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Top 10 Wedding Transportation Questions

By August 6, 2018 No Comments

Which car to hire? How many cars do you need? What will be a best sports car? Which car adds glam to the wedding photographs? Can we save money by hiring the wedding transportation and more of these questions, giggle up in couples mind when they look for their dream car.

Here are the top 10 wedding transportation questions which a couple have to look for.

  1. What kind of transportation would be?

If you are a Londoner then hiring Yellow Taxi as a wedding car, can by your first choice. But, if you want to make a stunning entrance then how about the beautiful horse-down carriage, luxurious Rolls-Royce or sporty Bentley? You might even get colours in too!

2. How many transportations do you need?

Usually, couples prefer to hire one-two wedding transportation. But if you want to save money, then book one wedding car and minibus for relatives & friends.

  1. How can couples save money on transportation?

If your friend has a fancy or sporty car, so don’t be afraid to ask. Simply ask them to lend their beautiful vehicle for one day, with this you be able to save hundreds of chunks.

  1. How many seats a wedding car have?

While booking a wedding car, its worth to know how many seats a vehicle has. Suppose you want to arrive at the wedding with your bridesmaids & friends then 16 seater Limousines would be an ideal option. And for two of you sporty Bentley Hire look gracious and would make your guests remember your wedding for many years to come.


    5. How to get discount from the wedding car hire company?

If you are hiring more than one vehicle from the same wedding car hire company, then it’s worth asking for the discount. You can also keep an eye on their social media pages to check the latest deal & discounts.

  1. Is it ok to hire a minibus for wedding guests?

If you are having a countryside wedding, then it is essential to hire transportation for the guests, which picks them from the hotel to the wedding venue. This also saves your time, because you don’t have to instruct the wedding location to every other person, moreover, no issues of parking.

7. Who will arrive with whom?

Generally, the bridal arrive together, but it’s all up to you which whom you want to come.

  • The groom and best man
  • The bride and her father
  • The bridesmaids and mother of the bride
  1. When does each car have to arrive at the ceremony and venue?
  • The ushers travel to the ceremony first
  • The guests then start to arrive
  • The groom & best man should come next
  • The bridesmaids & mother of the bride later enter
  • The bride & her father are the last to arrive
  • The bride & groom then leave for the reception first followed by the rest of the bridal party and then the guests

9. What happens if you cancel the wedding car at the last moment?

Make sure to check the cancellation policy of the car rental company. Also cross-check the small details like the date, times and cost. And, don’t forget to ask about the insurance policy- an important task.

10. How can you decorate the wedding car?

Decorating the wedding car is as simple as decorating the wedding cake. You don’t have to put much, the simple it is, the astonishing it looks. Merely decorate it with silk ribbons and flowers that match with your wedding theme and don’t forget to keep the champagne.