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A wedding is a memorable essence of everyone’s life. It connects two individuals together. Every bride and bridegroom wish to have a fairy tale wedding.

If we talk about Londoner’s couple, so they always come with new and exciting ideas to make the wedding day unforgettable and cheerful. Some couples plan a beautiful country side wedding; some plan to have a home wedding; while other couples plan a wedding theme wedding. But, the one trend which prefers by most of the UK’s couples and we too love is the evening wedding. So, today MME Prestige – Wedding Car Hire is going to share some ideas to plan an extravagant evening wedding whether it is a countryside, city or home wedding.


The first thing which is the concern of every couple is the venue. If you are throwing the wedding at countryside, then there are few things which you should keep in mind-

  1.    How far is the venue from the city?
  2.    How will you manage to take the guests from the city?
  3.    Is the venue available on a particular date or not.
  4.    Do the venue have enough space to park wedding cars?
  5.    Does the site allow catering and all?

But, if you are getting hitched in a city then the things are something else:

  1.    You don’t have to take the guests along with you.
  2.    You will get enough parking space
  3.    And some of the city venues allow catering and entertainment too.


If you don’t want to spend much on DJ’s and entertainment, then one unique thing which you can do is to ask your family members and friends to showcase their hidden talent.

Moreover, you can get a CD with your own favourite tracks and shake your legs all night long.

Wedding Cars:

Wedding Cars are essential. Some couples consider wedding cars is as important as the wedding cake. You can choose any of the wedding cars. Make sure you are choosing your wedding car wisely. A wedding car should be which signifies your class and perfection; a car that leaves an everlasting expression on your guests.

There are extensive options for wedding cars from which you can choose. If you want to arrive at a wedding in royalty, then you book a Prestigious Rolls Royce Hire London Phantom.

If you want to enter with your friends and guests, then you can book a Hummer H2 limo. Or if your bridegroom is sports car fan then surprise him with Bentley Hire.

You can book any of the cars as per your needs. Make sure you are booking the car before two or three months before the wedding.

For more information more about the wedding cars, you can contact MME Prestige today!

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