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Planning for Hen Party? Here is the ultimate guide to celebrate it

By November 28, 2016 No Comments

Parties are not planned themselves, especially when there is a group of hens or best friends. Hen’s Party is the night of freedom before the wedding where you can laugh till your stomach pains, your jaw starts distressing, eyes full of tears and dance till 4 A.M. The party would become joyful when it is your best friend wedding bachelorette party and you are the maid of honour. Then, everything is all on you, from the place to the list of friends. You have to manage everything, especially the budget, style and timeframe.

Down here, we have prepared the ultimate guide on how to celebrate the blossom hen party?

It’s all about Bride!

Ask your friend that what type of party she wants. If she is crazy for dance, then you can organise a dance class to learn some new moves. Ask yourself, if she is willing to spend her day in learning new cocktails or cupcakes recipes, or you can arrange a spa day or night out? If you are still in doubt, call her or take advice from other friends.

Laugh Out Loud!

Well, you don’t have to be comedy gig, but you wish to have all the fun and enjoyment in the hen party. That’s why involve hen party games and silly photo opportunities to keep the glamour and giggles in a party.

Fix your Budget!

Make sure that you involve everyone before planning the hen’s party because a budget is a main issue where things can go wrong. Discuss your bride and share ideas with her. Make an affordable budget that suits other friends too, before you hatch up too many plans.

Competition Rules!

It’s true! That, no hen party is complete without a friendly competition. Pick the bride’s favourite game whether it’s a dance, baking or other funny challenges and involve it in hens party, it will keep the excitement level high otherwise your friends would start hitting a lull.

Dance until Dawn!

Dance Dance Dance!!! Cocktail and Dance can complete and party. All you can do is to plan a daytime in other activities like shopping and spa. And, in the evening you can throw a wild dance party. Cool Idea!

Get Set Go!

Here you all set to throw a dashing hen’s party. Make sure you have an appropriate budget, hen games and all the other things which the bride’s been dreaming of. So, what are you waiting more, start preparing the list of your friend’s hen party list? And, if you want to throw it somewhere far from the city or in luxury, then take the advantage of our prestigious cars.

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