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The Do’s & Don’t of Wedding Transportation

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Things you need to know to get arrive in ceremony and reception in style!

Wedding organisation is all about proper planning and teamwork. The wedding is not about organizing the tempting food, greeting by toastmaster team, wedding cake and beautiful dresses. What if your ceremony functions starts before you arrive in wedding, what if your guests lost while searching your wedding venue, what if your bridesmaids get stuck while parking the car, don’t make transportation to ruin your big day and get you in awkward situations. Selecting the right wedding transportation – require more thoughts than just aesthetic preferences. Follow our directions on hiring the perfect fun ride for your big day.

Do ’s: Set up a fixed budget for wedding transportation

The trend of hiring lavish wedding transportation has to be propagating. Apparently, the wedding car hire is often overlooked by the relatives and guests, they have become the symbol of royalty. Due to this many couples book luxurious wedding transportation not only for themselves but also for their guests and go beyond the budget. Hence, it is always recommended to set a fixed budget while start planning the wedding. Moreover, some couple hires their friends to lavish vehicles and drove it themselves to the wedding venue – a smart way to save huge chunks.

Do ’s: Book the car company in advance

Reserve your wedding car around four to five months before the wedding date or as soon as you finalised the wedding date and venue. Things may get worse if you wait until the last minute to book your wedding car, especially when the vehicle you want have limited supply like vintage Rolls Royce. Furthermore, book your wedding transportation even earlier when you are marrying at a peak time like May, June – commonly known as prom season. Also get referrals from recently married friends and relatives and make sure to check the car rental company is trustworthy and fully-licensed.

Don’t: Leave your guests grounded

If you are marrying at the countryside where public transportation is not available, then consider providing shuttling to your guests. In this way, no one has to worry about the unfamiliar routes, and everyone reaches the wedding venue on time. Hire a minibus or charter bus that can hold up to 30 passengers, driven by designated drivers who safely pick your guests from the hotel to the wedding and back.

Don’t: Book, the reservation in person

Has this ever happened to your friend that they book the wedding car and get dissatisfaction with the car rental services? Do not let this happen on your big day. Before finalising the wedding car hire company visit their store and examine the car condition then book your wedding car. Also, if you are booking more than one transportation then ask for discounts. Many car rental companies like MME Prestige offer wondrous wedding packages.

Do ’s: Make sure to read the contract before signing

The contract must include the wedding date, time, location, pick-up & dropping point, overtime charges and cancellation rates. Make sure to ask about the car insurance and policies.

Do ’s: Provide rides to bridal party

Don’t let your bridesmaid’s get stranded on your big day. Ask them to come along with you at the wedding venue. Hire a stretch Hummer limo and make a grand entrance to your wedding venue.

Do’s: Offer tips to chauffeurs

Whatever vehicle you are hiring for the wedding, be prepared to offer a tip to the chauffeur. Usually, the tip is 20% of the base price.

Do’s: Make a grand entrance.

Whether you are hiring decadent Rolls Royce or stretch Hummer hire a limousine, ask the car rental company to decorate the wedding car nicely with silk ribbons and flowers that match with your wedding theme.