The 10 Best Wedding Stretch Limos

By January 11, 2017 No Comments

What do we want when we arrive at the venue of the reception? Yes, you guys are thinking right, all the eyes should be on us. Everyone should talk about our wedding elements; the outfit, food, theme and the in particular wedding car.

A poll was done on most talked about thing in the wedding, and the Wedding car was the most voted item of the lot in comparison to the outfit or even the food. So, wedding car is rightly the first thing which your guests will see. It is necessary to choose the right wedding car to hire for your reception or wedding day. After all, a decadent wedding car makes a significant impact. With a stretch wedding limousine, you can make a grand entrance, also get a plenty of space to relax.

Here we at MME Prestige have listed down ten all-the-time favourite stretch wedding limousine.

Pink Limo:

The Pink limo is the prime choice for brides who want to come along with their bridesmaids. Luxurious interior, comfortable leather seats, equipped with all the necessities pink limousine make a great ‘boudoir’, increase the fun and offers a plenty space to get ready for your reception.

Range-Rover Limo:

Range Rover a luxurious and extortionate fleet that combines a marvellous spacious interior with a modern and glorious exterior. Range Rover Limo is perfect for that bride and groom who want to add charm to their reception, same time enjoying the high-tech benefits of a prestigious wedding car.

Chrysler Limo:

Chrysler Limo is perfect for that bride and groom who want a sleek and stylish limousine. It surely adds glamour to your party, offers plenty of space, stylish interior and comfortable leather seats.

Audi Q7 Limo:

Audi Q7 limousine is an exceptional way to gain an incredible status symbol. It offers high-quality leather seats, a backlit on board bar, add glamour to your reception or wedding, stylish interior with the modern and attractive exterior is worth enough to turn you guests your envy!!

Bramwith Limo:

A retro limousine with an unusual classic design and the roll-top roof is perfect for the summer days. This Bramwith limousine sure makes you feel like a star from the Hollywood golden age.

Bentley Limo:

Bentley limo is another vintage limousine with a compact design, stylish paintwork and retro cool interiors offers you everything you want, to make your day memorable.

Ferrari Limo:

Want to WOW your guests; then you must arrive at your reception in this beautiful and elegant Ferrari limousine. Ferrari Limousine comes in multiple colours, featuring gullwing doors for a stunning entrance. This Ferrari stretch limousine is sure to make your guests talking for many years to come.

Mini Cooper Limo:

Want to add a retro touch to your reception? This mini cooper limousine comes with iconic design, six-wheel vehicle, with beautiful exterior and stunning checked roof, surely add a touch of the 60s.

Dodge Charger Limo:

Dodge Charger limousine is a funky and slightly different than others. If you are arriving at your reception in Dodge Charger Limo, then you must get noticed. Incredible leather seats, boasting paintwork, plush interiors, also the built-in bar, it offers you everything that you want.  

Hummer Limo:

None other than! A prestigious stretch hummer hire limousine is the first choice of bride and groom. Sparkling beauty, comfortable leather seats, funky interiors, built-in bar, and karaoke machines is perfect for the party animals. A stretch hummer limousine adds glamour and makes your guests talking for many years to come.