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Top 10 Wedding Car Questions

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A Wedding is the most important happening event in everybody’s life. People give their best shot to make everything perfect. They want every element of the wedding to complement one another whether it’s a bride’s dress or the luxurious car. People normally prefer expensive cars and of course, it is a valuable part of the wedding.

There are many points to be observed while selecting an ideal wedding car:

  • Which wedding car theme you opted for?
  • How many cars you require and who rides in them.

Here MME Prestige has shared the top 10 wedding transportation questions and its answers.

What kind of wedding transport is available?

There is a broad range of wedding cars to choose from to suit your wedding theme. Prefer a Vintage car for a classic wedding theme or a Rolls-Royce Phantom that perfectly complements a luxurious wedding theme. Moreover, if you have a high budget then you can go for customizable car option, or if you want to match the luxury of Indian Maharajas, then hire an Indian Chariot for instance.

How Many wedding cars you need exactly?

Hiring number of cars depends on the budget and guests. Most of the couples hire one or two wedding cars, but you can save a lot by hiring only one particular car and other ordinary taxis or one double-decker bus.

How to save money on the wedding cars?

If your budget does not align you to hire a prestigious car, then don’t get disappointed. Many taxi rental companies offer used cars at affordable price. You can decorate this car with ribbons or silk flowers to enhance the look. In addition to this, you can ask your relative or friend who can lend their fancy car to you as a wedding gift.

How many spaces should be there in the car?

Make sure the car you are hiring is spacious enough to offer a comfortable leg room to all guests. If your friends and relative are also accompanying you to the wedding venue then hiring a Hummer Limo can be a perfect idea because it can comfortably accommodate up to 16 passengers. If the couple is only the passengers then hire a two seater sports car such as Audi R8.

Is it a good idea to hire a bus for the wedding guests?  

If most of your guests are staying quite far from wedding venue then hiring multiple cars would end up being very expensive. Preferring a bus may cost you cheaper, also saves you from the worries of parking.

How can we get a discount from the car rental company?

If you are booking more than one vehicle with the same car rental company, then it is worth to ask for a discount. Do check social media profiles of wedding Car Company as many would offer discount codes for their online clients. Instead of hiring the car from the very first provider encounter more companies either online or offline and ask their quotes and go for the best competitive prices.

Who goes with whom in wedding car?

Usually, the bridal party accompany the couple, but it depends on you who goes with whom:

  • The groom and the best man
  • The bride and her father
  • The bridesmaids and mother of the bride.

What is the ideal sequence of reaching and leaving the wedding venue?

  • First ushers travel to the ceremony
  • Then guests start to arrive
  • The groom and best man should come next
  • The bridesmaids & mother of the bride then arrive
  • The bride & her father must arrive at last
  • The bride & groom leave first for the reception, first followed by the family & relatives and then the guests

Should I ask the wedding car company for the written documentation?

Always rely on the written-word cancellation policy. In fact all the terms & conditions, detailing the date, time and cost should be on the right paper. After all, it’s your big day and you don’t want to experience the not-so-pleasant surprises.

How to decorate the wedding car?

Well, it depends on the condition of the car, if the vehicle is old-aged then you can hide its wrinkles with flowers, ribbons and just-married banner. However, for modern vehicles such as Mercedes or Bentley be conservative while decorating. A ribbon on the bonnet of the car along the banner on the rear side would go a long way.

Can I drive the wedding car myself or is it a chauffeur driven only?

Most of the couples prefer to hire wedding cars with a chauffeur. However, some grooms prefer to arrive at the wedding in self-driven sports car such as Porsche.

Well, these are some general questions and answers that come in couples mind before hiring a wedding car. If you want to gather some more information about wedding cars, then call MME Prestige at 0203-7456-678.

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