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The Rustic Revolution of wedding trends

By February 14, 2019 No Comments

There is no greater pressure than planning a wedding especially in the age of Pinterest boards and Instagram feeds. For your special day to stand out, you need to look way in advance and that’s where wedding trends become useful. With so many wedding themes and trends for us to adopt, rusting and vintage theme weddings seems to be a little more unique. These are two of the longest standing and hottest styles in the wedding world. So here we prepare an itinerary for your rustic style of wedding. From wedding vehicle to venue and everything in between, we take a look at what you need to consider in order to make your special day, a day to remember for a lifetime. Let’s dive in the details:

Dreamy Decorations:

The best thing about a rustic wedding is that you can keep the decor as minimal as you like. Here you can also experiment with your creativity if you are a crafty type of person. Mason jars with beautiful flowers, mismatched candles, empty perfume bottles, multi-coloured trinket box or anything, your options are endless for a rustic style wedding. Always remember that beauty of a rustic style wedding is to leave things undone and a little mismatched so don’t go over the board for your dreamy decorations.

Choose a venue with a view:

A rustic wedding is understated in terms of decoration so it’s your venue that does all the talking for itself. That is the reason some of the most breathtaking British countrysides is becoming increasingly popular. A rustic wedding venue must boast both beautiful grounds and a magnificent open-sided marquee where you can still enjoy the views.

Gorgeous wedding gowns:

The wedding gown is the second most attractive thing at all the wedding extravaganza. But for a rustic wedding, rather than opting for a princely style big wedding gowns, brides should opt for elegant dresses in dainty materials such as silk or laces. To give it a modern-touch, consider having an exposed back which is as sophisticated and detailed as your entire dress is.

Pastel Palettes:

Getting back to the time means getting back to a more natural colour palette. Bright neon colours or Garish patterns might not have much of a place in this particular style of wedding. Dusty Pinks, Rose Quartz, sage greens and the berry hues are the standard hues for a rustic wedding. The understated and natural beauty of the environment is the soul of a rustic wedding, that’s why your colour palette must coordinate with it.

Vintage and classic vehicles:

A rustic wedding goes hand in hand with period vintage wedding cars. These luxury wedding cars are undeniably charming and evoke a sense of emotion that is needed in a rustic themed wedding. So whether you opt for a luxury vintage Rolls Royce car hire or a more retro style car, you’ll be sure to arrive in a most noticeable way possible.

Just as we said before, choices are endless here. Just make sure you book your suppliers in plenty of time ahead that your dreams for the big day become true.