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Questions to ask wedding transport suppliers

By September 12, 2017 No Comments

We have numerous options to choose from when it comes to the wedding transportation. Nowadays, bride and groom look for something stylish and classy wedding transportation. Be it a horse carriage or sophisticated Rolls-Royce, every vehicle itself depicts its status and class.

Moreover, there are several other things which you have to take care of. For instance, how you will be transported to your wedding venue like weather or distance to costs & wedding theme. So, here we have created a list of few general questions that you may ask the car rental company before booking your wedding car.

Find out how long the car rental company has been in business:

Well, with this you will get an indication that the rental company is reliable and trustworthy. If they have been for a good while then, they are must be doing great.

Will the car rental company provide a chauffeur?

Make sure, if you are hiring a chauffeur-driven vehicle as your wedding transportation, then the car rental company would provide you with a well-dressed, polite and humble chauffeur.

Do the rental company provide a backup if something happened to the primary vehicle?

Well, this is an important question to ask your car rental company. Generally, the chances of something happening wrong to the primary wedding car are very slim. However, some big companies like MME Prestige who have a suite of luxury cars, assures you with a suitable backup.

Do the car rental company provide champagne?

Many of the wedding cars hire agencies of London to offer champagne as a toast to bride and groom. It is a classy way to say congratulations.

Ask your wedding car hire suppliers to accommodate extra requests such as red carpet service?

There is never any harm in asking for something extra. Just remember, there would be an additional cost. Ask your wedding car supplier that what additional services they can provide to you like a red carpet, umbrella etc..

Do they decorate the wedding car with ribbons and flowers?

It is worth asking wedding car supplier to decorate the vehicle with some silk ribbons and flowers to match your wedding theme.

Hence, these are some of the common questions which bride and groom generally asked their wedding car hire supplier. If you have any other questions regarding the wedding cars, so give us a call or drop a mail.